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Freshwater Pearl Collier

This simple formal Freshwater Pearls collier is suitable for the classiest of affairs. The combination of its exquisite design in and the use of Freshwater pearls, MOP (Mother-of-pearl), and SEA bamboo parts is what gives this collier its unique look. The collier has a total length of 45 cm (18 inches) and has a total of four rows. This magnificent necklace is a perfect gift for yourself or someone else.

Pearls are a natural product, so the color, shape and size cannot be always the same.

PEARL TYPE     Freshwater Pearls


PEARL SIZE       6-7 mm

MATERIAL          Stainless Steel   

                            Clasp- 925 Silver        

                            MOP (8mm)           

                            Sea Bamboo (10mm)     

TOTAL LENGTH 45 cm (18 inches)       

Pearl Type Freshwater
Pearl Size 6-8 MM
Material Stainless Steel
Total length 45 cm (18 inches)